Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Holy Grail Cup

The robed brothers gather in a small group near the tent camp at night, soon Constance joins them in a quiet tight semi-circle observing together, as when a match is struck and the wind is kept low, while the cup is revealed. Small and rudimentarily, delicate, ceramic with a stem, it appears, earthy yet clearly visible in the hand. An archtypical Jungian symbol for the Seeker, hermetic in sacred order, offerring that a certain work could be undertaken. That the imperative is upon the unprepared Perceval, timeless and patient. The Magician archtype, the matirx of conscious mind, raises that cup of creativity. And into the night, the root of the unconscious, a pattern will be walked. The high priestess, awaits, the memory of the race, the memory of the Plan of Logos, and myriad probabilities are in store. What will become the chosen catalyst which will design the experience of the spirit.
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