Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lightning Strikes the Tower

Don't you find it a bit odd that the twin towers destruction and loss of life almost mirrors exactly the tarot archtype #16, known as the potentiator of the spirit. Nostradamus in one of his last quatrains XII#52 speaks about the lightning struck tower too, first sentence starting and ending with two. But regardless, if you consider the possibility that all is now, and that therefore what seems to be linear time is actually already part of the skein, then the import of this singular event may be crucial to our destiny. The literal equivalent of the archtype could have been in the hall of records, root of mind, all along. And Ra says #16s effect is to cause hope and faith that is delineated by the next archtype, catalyst of the spirit or hope/the star."I am Ra. The excursion of which you speak and the process of disassociation is most usually linked with that archetype you call Hope which we would prefer to call Faith. This archetype is the Catalyst of the Spirit and, because of the illuminations of the Potentiator of the Spirit, will begin to cause these changes in the adept’s viewpoint."So first we have the matrix of spirit, considered the dark chaotic abyss, then we have the spirit potentiated, the towers, and then hope/faith, followed by the , the probable reality of the experience of spirit, or the moon. Which can be as reflectivley bright almost as sunshine, or as unreflective as to leave one in darkness. Well we are clearly upon the probability of destruction up until now, the lightening struck tower, potentiator of spirit.

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