Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Deeds not Creeds

The "Sons of Belial" caused the end of Atlantis through the abuse of genetically altered beings, war sciences and immorality, versus the children of the Law of One, so Cayce said. The Logos final cycle, in this 3rd 25000 year period, a period for self aware entities to choose separation or unity, and polarize toward that chosen extreme, to generate a collective voice or not, become of harvestable grade, or repeat the choice density elsewhere in the cosmos. We would have to have to deny our evolutionary coding for warfare, comfort, commerce, sacrifice, individuality, orthodoxy, apathy, discipline, doubt, change, etc., in order to become as One. Never mind the debate of pushing back evil. The increased catalyst of these days will likely increase the polarity of entities, service to self or to others. Still wouldn't it be grand if collectively man could turn toward deeds of unity and away from the divisions of our orthodoxies? The focus the grace of good deeds rather than of creeds, suggests that no matter what the belief of the person, what really qualifies the vibration of his/her soul is what the works have been, and what has been the intention. This is the easily discerned mark which distinquishes us.
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