Sunday, August 3, 2008

Make Straight The Way of the Lord

There was a Saudi Prince at an energy conference who noted the amount of oil we import every year and the small impact of alternative energy potentials. Schlesinger agreed and it is so, and yet... Should Freemasons be supporting the movement in the global debate over greenhouse emissions? While we eschew politics and religious discourse, the moral position against environmental destabilization takes the same line that Jefferson's argument takes about saddling our future generations with debt. Morality requires no harm to innocents. Do we shrink from even this most important issue? The CO2 emissions will cause global change, and the people who dislike change are the ones stopping implementation of new energy directions. Can we grasp the compass needles direction and turn the course on climate now? The probability is unlikely, and yet there is hope. China, India, both are bringing forward a middle class, which will cause them to have an even greater carbon footprint. These countries need tried and true tech and we haven't a viable example. Why won't the corporations bring forward the electric car, wind and solar, and other shelved technology, and stop the madness of non conscientious profit. If they do not do it, they are guilty and in my opinion America will have failed at a time of need. Like Dom Quixote tilting at windmills, in Spain today, EU engineering has produced viable wind and solar towers.  Good citizenry demands that action be taken when the government is subverted, what will history note of our present dilemma. Choose thou, make straight the way of the Lord. Remember our patron, John the Baptist, in the wilderness. We were a people with a can do attitude once. Are we still?
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