Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Freemason Hierophant, Semper Fidelis

The Hierophant, or Significator of the Mind, is the Essence of Self. That physically manifest being, covenanted with the wings of spirit, which draws onward the caged mental being. Facing the catalyst of the illusive polarized material world, where negative experience can cause positive polarization and vice-versa, and confident in the promise that we shall be born again to eternal light, we strive. With right hand in the position of fidelity, in service to others, offerring light outward. The while balancing the forces, the left hand hilted to the ground, absorbing spirit power, but not for self service, mentally aware of the opposites, but choosing the radiant. The Hierophant reaps the harvest of incarnate biases which seeks, absorbs, attempts to learn. It is the dynamic entity. Much like our great and good man Hiram, attempting to perfect the ashlar, semper fidelis

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