Sunday, September 7, 2008

Negative polarity work, the chariots of Orion

What if there were powerful negative entities/forces at work, attempting to confuse at minimum or worse, polarize us toward the negative extreme. If an especially bright light shines, those of Orion would try to extinguish it, through psychic attack. Freewill is not a concern of theirs, and they would try to utilize any means necessary. The strange part is that while those of the negative Principle try to dominate and enslave, the light Principle tries only to push back to the point of equilibrium. Hence the danger for those who seek to serve others, as they choose to incarnate and undergo the veil of forgetting, they may get caught in the web of karma or worse, confused in their direction/intention and have to slog through multiple incarnations just to recover their previous station. Our own imbalances and biases are easily determined by higher powers and these biases, or chinks in the armor, are utilized when looking for opportunities to intercede. So as we endeavor to sort out the confusion of the freewill plane, balance is therefore crucial. To see both sides and consider opposing thought, in order not to fall prey to dark forces. That's of course if you believe in the possibility that the battles rage in higher planes as well.

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