Saturday, August 2, 2008

"I Am, the Way" JHShVH

All That Is, we hear that everything manifest and non manifest is aspect/reflection/spark of Diety/Infinite Intelligence. So what is the original state before the physical world, before polarity and the distortion of love by freewill. The mystery clad "I AM", whole and unchanging, getting to know Itself? Unknowable and veiled in mystery, but it could be like the old Moody Blues Song. I think, therefore I am, at least I must be. Floating on the breath of a dream. One thing Ra describes, something like this. That the issue of separation from Diety arises as the Creator splits or sparks off everthing that is. First the One, lets say halfs itself exactly. Now we have 2, exact copies. Both are the same and yet they are different. So multiply that by infinity and add freewill/distortion and space/time and like a genetic code variability becomes myriad. Tat Tsvam Asi. This is that. All is one.

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Gingerman said...

My Old Testament Prof. told me that the Ineffable Name, the Tetragrammaton, is actually an active verb, rather than a noun. "I am that is bringing into being."