Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Quarantine of Earth

In the Law of One, it is said that our planet is under a quarantine of sorts. That visitation from without is not usually permitted, and that there are few that penetrate through windows or distortions in the time/space continua, which are rare and unpredictable. Guardians maintain it, unbeknowst to us, so that those who would wish not to be confronted with infinity as such, are not. Freewill is a primary law of the universe, and it has been a determination that ours should not be abrogated. So while we trifle with our own self destruction, with nuclear devices, and degrade our life sustaining environment, at least we are ultimately responsible for our own beliefs, confusion and destiny, as a self-aware species. Hopefully mankind will soon become aware of the potentials of the situation and collectively move in a sustaining benevolent compass heading. The mass of the souls upon our Earth Mother are getting the catalyst they need to develop faith and to determine their choice of polarity. That is the Plan watched over and guarded by many.


Tom Accuosti said...

That visitation from extra-terrestials and those of higher densities is not usually permitted,

That's fine with me - we don't want no stinkin' illegal aliens sniffin' around our jobs.

But speaking of all that "freewill" stuff, why are you for it on a cosmic level, but against it on a micro, i.e., personal and business level?

Radcliffe said...

Well Im for it all the way, but Im also for the collective wellbeing, which I freely find more compelling.