Thursday, November 27, 2008

Freemasonry and Nationalism

Nationalism in whatever form, is an elitist concept and therefore lends itself to the concept of separation, which as we know is the essential organizing principle of that which is not, or the negative polarity, so-called evil. It has long held form in fundamentalism, recently, but every major religion in the west is rooted in orthodoxy and self righteousness. Freemasonry, is the balance against the primal instinct of us and them. To know that every person is your relation, even a reflection of self, inseparable, really in the mind and heart of TGAOTU. That the din of war for territory and power, the fighting for resources has pushed us always to consider ourselves as separate, is only illusion and the greatest challenge of our little planet, especially as she is now moving into a higher consciousness. And the common unpleasantness is that to spread wealth more equally throughout the world, in a global economy, would require a great deal less consumption by the west and a great deal more charity toward the rest of the world be they able to conceive it or not. Of course this dynamic will not ever hold sway, unless the need for energy is met through alternative sources. But thats another old saw.

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Masonic Traveler said...

Amalgamation and capital. Perhaps unknowingly, we (America) have ended up the Marxists. Control by capital is still control.