Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Traveling Upon A Level Of Time

The need/ability to deal with other people is one of the quickest ways to evolve. As our physical vehicles weaken, we empathize and can feel love for the otherself experiencing pain and limitation of the aging body. We are self-sufficient and yet the sharing of this sympathetic emotion is as important as the synthesis which occurs in solitary meditation. In lodge we have men of all ages, bound by our common ties, and we learn from these elders, who provide us with something akin to a mirror. These brotherly concerns offer some of the best catalyst for the evolution of the soul, who are choosing to be of the polarity of service to others. This idea is premised upon the idea that we are reflections of one another, that there is no real separation in all that is, all part of the Infinite Creator. That by freewill, seeing through the illusion of separation, that we are all traveling upon the same level of time, toward that undiscovered country, from whose borne no traveler returns. And if it were not so, we could not develop faith, for we would have proof of the Great Spirit. So that's a bit of a ramble.

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