Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Chakras and Harvest Grading

The energy centers allude to colors of light: the brilliance due to so-called rotational speed" malkuth-red earthy force; orange to emotional self-acceptance; yellow to solar plexus ego-group relations; green the heart, universal love, and blue understanding of spirit/mind , the indigo,worthiness/unworthiness, undistorted energy available from on high; and the crown, gateway to the infinite, violet ray represented by all the centers of the chakras indescriminetly. Getting the first 3 right is essential and hard work, and apparently these balanced/unbalanced energy centers are required work for the entity to be "harvestable" to withstand the sustained impact of light and love of the intelligent infinity. So even as a conscious person focuses for example on green ray, unity and universal love, and the chakra is extremely brilliant. If one hasn't sorted out and balanced the distortions of, orange ray, whatever that implies, say self acceptance, then the violet chakra will not be of the required brilliance rotation. "The will of the entity as it evolves is the single measure of the rate and fastidiousness of the activation and balancing of the various energy centers" This According to the Law of One, book 2.

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