Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Collective or brotherhood of mankind

In the Law of One, the harvestable quality is delineated for 4th density. An entity so polarized at least 51%, toward service to others, would have a distinctive quality of radiance, such that most people would recognize it as impressive. That is a difficult level of attainment, I'm sure you would agree, most of us fall short of that level of purity. Individually, therefore we are, few of us likely to attain the graduation to fourth density. Ra also delineates the law of doubling or squares, that the power of a collective call is exponentiated. Each new adherant to a collective desire doubles the last, ten people together united has the power of over one thousand, when dedicated toward the same polarity/service. The efforts of millions of those around the world desirous of the unity of a collective consciousness, increases the polarization and probability, it is the concept of a brotherhood of mankind, under the fatherhood of God. However our nationalistic dedication to war, fear, power and wealth, distances us from the goal. Nations and religions only give lip service to this ideal of unified collective consciousness. Groups of individuals are not enough, it should be planetary in scope. It is the sacrificing of self to gain the eternity, long suggested. And as in truth we are a collective, in the freewill plane, all souls in evolution, there is no shame in a desire for unity.
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