Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Esse

The Seth Material focuses on the nature of personal reality and the collective pysche, etc. Edgar Cayce introduced the Sons of Belial and negative karma. The Ra Material presents ideas about polarity, freewill, densities, harvest, ufos, physical creation etc. The system portrayed by Ra is penetrating, and the suggestion that the negative polarity, or service to self, the absorbtive, not only exists but is required to maintain the physical freewill polarized universe, in which work or action can occur, is astounding. That the Creator, Infinite Intelligence, includes all that is and turns from neither polarity, is logical and balanced; but that as service to self is based on separation from unity, and is therefore empowered by that which is not, or illusion, and is self limiting, at ethereal levels is interesting. It certainly does, however imply that much can be done in illusion, take for example the whole of the physical universe requiring negative polarity. From gravity to black holes to ever expanding universes. The tarot introduces the matrix of the spirit card, #15, to penetrate the tarot last 7 major arcana of spirit is the fine work of Esse. Many adepts grope their way in the shadows and moonlight, that light which can deceive as well as uncover hidden mystery,according to Ra. Few they are who successfully grasp the undistorted light of the Sun. Also it is noteworthy that as the adept frees self from the constraints of accepted thought, whichever the choice of service, that necessary awakening is often seen as evil or black. The magic is recognized; the nature is often not. Perhaps this is the reason for all the confusion about Baphomet. Jehosuah said that we do not know from whence the wind comes, like the spirit. That freewill point of self within the darkest disorganized infinite potential, turns on.

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