Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Runes

We know the conscious mind, the rational, empricial studies, the shaping of our reality by it etc. The intuitive mind, unconscious by any name is still a mystery. The Normans used the runes to access the fortunes of the unseen world, rolling the bones on the oracle. It strikes me that some Arab societies today openly speak of the dreams as oracle. The intuitive mind, some have said that it is in much more direct contact with the roots of the soul. The ancients knew we were of both minds, hence the pictures of male half -female half. The East urges one to quiet the restless mind and meditate. I would even say the chivalrous moral tenets are more intuitive, the gentleman, does not spring from a rational need to conquer and control, hallmarks of the conscious run rampant. The intuitive know that to die is just to sleep. The Kensington stone in Minnesota is writ in the style of the ancients. Edgar Cayce said the Vikings made it out as far as Montana. Todays Scandinavians found their way out there too, small world

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