Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Tarot Major Arcana and the Freewill Plan

The Law of One book 4 is a study of the Tarot major arcana, as a system of learning about the evolution of the soul. 21 cards plus the fool or choice card. 7 for mind,7 for body, 7 for spirit. This system is ancient study. 1) Matrix, 2) Potentiator, 3)Catalyst, 4) Experience, 5) Significator, 6) Transformation, 7) The Great Way. The suggestion is that humans are a complex consisting of mind, of body, and spirit. The allegorical system of learning is geared toward the seeker wishing to understand the system we are in for learning. For example the Magician is the creative conscious powered by will, called the Matrix, the High Priestess is the veiled unfed mind in the polarized world, the Empress is catalyst in the material world, The Emperor stands for experience, the way the information of mind is categorized and interpreted, positive or negative biases of deep mind. The Hierophant is the harvest of incarnational biases, seeking absorbing attempting to learn, the dynamic entity. The Lovers is the choice of the polarity, service to self or others, arms crossed 2 paths, material riches or those of spirit, to the right or left one must choose in order to advance. The Chariot, once polarity is chosen the Framework is configured and movement driven by will toward the choice of service, to self or to others begins. Thats a brief discussion of the 7 first cards of mind. The body and spirit follow. The work of spirit begins when the mental and physical foundation is firm. No aware soul would choose not to believe in Diety or to follow the path of self service except for the veiling which has the purpose of generating faith and more rapid evolution, but an unfortunate consequence of distracted and confused souls choosing the path of illusion, of that which is not, of separation.

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