Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The New Green Dragon Tavern

There was a pub in Boston where the rebellion against power in our new found land was galvanized. There, men of independant spirit took the initiative and acted on their consciences. Today a similar Green Dragon Pub is galvanizing the spirit of revolution, this time through the internet. A force to counter oppressors who control the means of energy production. This revolution is about energy and the governor we must face is known as the greenhouse effect, it is having its effect all around us. Brothers, Freemasons should be at the vanguard of this revolution as well, as we accept the conclusions of science above dogma. What of the future of this world and of the next generations? The actions we take in this life will be written in each of our books of life. In the Koran, there is made mention of what is called the Warner. It is said that at Judgement, it is determined whether ones demise came with or without the benefit of a Warning, and that this is a crucial factor. We, my brothers are being warned, by the powers of nature, and by science, and by the Seers of old, thats my opinion. St. John the Evangelist. One of our Patron Saints, of the Revelation, received a vision and created a warning, I know many of us have read it. Do we no longer believe in visions either? Not a word of it has changed. The tea party must be against those naysayers who refuse to accept the science.

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Tom Accuosti said...

I'm all for that dude, especially if you're buying the next round.