Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wisdom vs. Understanding

Wisdom denotes justice, understanding implies mercy. Corruption requires justice and an answer to power: Understanding calls for charity,and sacrifice of self. Zarathustra, the Persian dualist brought this to the Ormazdian Law. Fire/Light bringing an end to darkness, symbolized in the Templar standard the Beauseant. The light below the darkness constantly in battle to quell the natural instinct in man to dominate and create order through control. In Spain and Portugal there was a golden age of learning at a time when the Muslims, preserved the greatest library of the world, of Greek and Alexandrian texts, which would have perished under the church book burning pogrom. And wisdom and understanding among the sephirah of the Tree of Life, the Zohar came out of that same enlightened time when these religions meshed there. Too bad that the tradition of the Ormazdian way has perished from the earth, and been replaced by the salvation offerred by grace alone, through belief, and not by deeds, faith and the works of each. That certainly has confused things. Look at those who suppress women, and show no mercy, and kill in the name of God. And fully expect absolution at the Judgement. Those who destroy the earth, pillage her bounty for sake of riches. Those who deny the needs of humanity, from being met through renewable energy, crying out that the desert can't be converted to meet the challenge of an age where worse destruction of environment will not be easily averted, talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Well I quess this is as it should be in a polarized world of freewill. Confusion is the first difficulty faced by all. Still thousands of years later at the peak of our power we still don't really get the Plan. Even when the veil is being brought away from our eyes.

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