Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Book of Gods Word 21

He said unto the king: I am not thine enemy; but the enemy of evil; I come not to take thy kingdom. In a few days I shall leave this place. So. thy kingdom would be worthless to me. And yet I come to establish another kingdom, which is the Fathers's. I come to overthrow sin and wickedness, and to build up that which is good. And in so doing, it shall be known amongst men that the soul is immortal. Rather would I see thee and thy people alive and full of joy, than to see them dead. Thou hast said thou understandest the Ormazdian law; perceiving there is also a kings's law. The kings laws are for the earthworld; to punish the wicked and reward the valorous; the Ormazdian law is for the Zarathustrians, who need no kings. Thy subjects are for war and plunder; but the subjects of the Great Spirit are for doing good, and in love and mercy.

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