Sunday, July 12, 2009

O Thou Dumb Nothing

Thou camest not against me to beat me from my iniquity, but gavest me full play to do my utmost. On all sides hast Thou encompassed Thy creation with liberty. Even Thine enemy Thou hast not restrained. He standeth in public saying: Jehovih, I deny Thee. If Thou art mightier than I, strike me down. Behold, I deny Thee and Thy person! Thou Void Nothingness! Thou fool Creator, with Thy half -created world. Thou who hast created sin! And created misery! Thou Father of evil! O Thou dumb Nothing. Yea , even to him hast Thou given free speech: and he buildeth up his own soul in his own way. And for a season he is the delight of the druk and druj; yea they fasten upon him, and he gaineth a multitude of evil ones, divided one against another, but the seed of his curses taketh root in them and he becometh encompassed with foulness and bondage. Lika 23

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