Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Law of One

Presuming that the Infinite Intelligence, All that Is, God, is not a respecter of persons, and has no bias as to which choice or path of service a self aware person chooses. Both paths of service, while opposite, are not dissimilar, in that even if one serves others, one is ultimately serving self, through that joy. And as we are all one, it is only distortion which separates us as co-creators. Be it the path of selfishness, i.e. the illusion of separation, or be it service to others, i.e. the reality of unity, both extremes are equally valid and enpowered, within our freewill plane, and each soul polarizes or moves toward one of these limits, or just stays on the fence. Add to this the conceptof transmigration, that souls are evolving and that there are higher realities, with both positive and negative polarized entities, which seek to empower their it the radiant or absorptive. Assuming that those serving these opposing principals both would have equal opportunity, on a fair and even playing field to, gain would they do that? Methods would vary, but assuming that people are making the choice in some awareness, what would be the attraction to self service? Power, pleasure, dominance, ease, intrigue, manipulation and the humiliated foe. And for the attraction of service to others....? Sharing, the joy of freedom, unified action, open communication, the good fight. True power only comes through aligning with the radiance of God, whereas unifying with the principle of self aggrandizement and power absorption is said to be self limiting at higher heavens. The thing is that as we have chosen our path, we magnetize experiences which are of the chosen type. Most people today in the earth are service to others, or are somewhat confused and haven't chosen sufficiently toward either service polarity. Being of harvestable grade is a key concept for graduating from our freewill density. This is a theory of the Law of One.
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