Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Fool Arcana

In the Tarot Major Arcana is The Fool. This archtype is emblematical of the free will choice of service to others based on faith. The Esse, Seeker or Significator, having availed self of all knowledge, understanding, and experience takes the journey, with nothing but his rucksack, purely on faith, into the world of selfless service, beyond cause and effects clear benefit of self service. No logic, or proof, available, the mind/body/spirit complex goes forth, into a world governed by quatum laws of attraction and serrendipidous spiritual events. This stepping off, into the abyss of uncertainty, it can be argued, advances the Soul to attain the next difficult threshold of being, where faith is essential. It is the Great Way of soul evolution. This relatively short span of incarnations when the self aware entity defines its service polarity, to self or others, and grade of purity and acquires faith where is no proof of Diety. The soul reaches up and the energy of Diety is downpouring. Why the fool designation though, when one chooses service to others, what is the apparent reward? Not riches, not recognition, not status or power, not the transient things that we often esteem, but rather sometimes hardship and difficulties, certainly sacrifice. That is why the Fool is the proud archtype of service to others. It is logic and requires that one consider that a Plan is in force. The Grand Architect of the Universe would have us faithful and wholly dedicated, it would seem.

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