Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Geometry of the Flower of Life

It is found in the Osirian Temple in Egypt, perhaps the oldest of tombs discovered deep underground. Interestingly the geometric design is burned into the pillar by a technique which today we could not emulate, nor obviously could the ancient Egyptians. The flower is based on the vesica pescis, that symbol which most closely imitates the Diety in state of fractal holographic replication. And of course is used to also denote the Piscean Age, in which the Master Returned. Judging from the movie "Thrive" it is the essence of the future energy source, derived from Torus spin motors, some Tesla and some Haramein, yet to be designed. The "Thrive" movie looks to scapegoat the Rockefellers and other power brokers, which is unnecessary. Interesting that the focus is on fractals, as many times the crop circles demonstrate fractal designs. Organic fractals of course being those incorporating the golden mean, from the center out, while inorganic fractals can emulate the six circle matrix found in the flower of life, from any point conforming at the outer edge to the pattern. If it is so that the New Age is allowing to incarnate only Souls of positive polarity, then perhaps we will move from a system of organic like growth to one of inorganic growth, with less centralized power and free energy. Wouldn't that be a nice change for the exhausted Earth Mother. Wonderful that our ancient Brethren happened to build with square and compasses, those tools required to make the six petalled flower of Life.

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