Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Law of Confusion

Also known as the Law of Freewill, it is said to be a governing principle of this veiled reality, a status said to be watched over and protected by many. The Seeker/Hierophant spends some time finding suitable answers to the big questions, often they are the answers that were given in youth, but the reasons why they are true just aren't adequately laid out. Confusion is noted in hindsight, when the full measure of learning has been accomplished. And once the individuals truth is formulated, the intentions will be undertaken. Or sadly one can take ones eye off the proverbial ball and never find ones intended path, wind up in neutral and sit on the fence, or reverse course in the incarnation and move toward the opposite polarity.
They say that it is the Logos' Plan, that we should seek in relative darkness, in order to appreciate the Light. Were it not for this veil of confusion, Importantly, the Plan wouldn't afford the accelerated Soul advancement that this polarized freewill plane/density offers. We wouldn't know the spectrum of suffering and sorrow nor joys and teach/learning which freewill and hence duality provides. Nor would we know Faith, since Diety would be obvious, nor the dharmic and karmic struggle, nor the choice of service/polarity, of which principle to serve, the selfish or selfless dynamic, on which the souls grade is supposedly determined, after many incarnations.
So we must find our own answers that ring true. Those accepted and freely chosen, as with faith, as absolute proof of Diety is unavailable. The leap of faith can occur in this environment. Like the Fool tarot card, stepping off into the abyss, we anchor our beliefs on a principle which apparently has little reward here, while the material polarized world often highly rewards self service. So the Soul makes sense of the confusion and chooses a direction. One path can lead at Harvest to the Adversary, That Which is Not, the dark pyramid of enslavement and power over others, while another path leads to the Collective of freely chosen understanding. The third and well trodden path is of indifference, that of having to repeat the grade because of not having met the high threshold required to advance beyond the Choice Density. This is similar to the separation of wheat from chaff, though in the course of time eventually we all advance/return to the Infinite Creator. Is there anything else?
So this is a version of the Law of Confusion, aka freewill, where the Choice is made, the choice which then empowers the will, which tempers the metal of the soul, in the fire of catalyst. Thanks for the opportunity to share this viewpoint. It is the viewpoint of The Law of One
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