Monday, October 22, 2012

The Educated Man is the Enemy of Tyranny

Freemasons in America were the force behind public education for a very good reason. They knew that men could be swayed in their thinking, and in order for a man to be an advocate for the Constitution, with all its lofty thinking, it would take an educated man to stand up for it. When you examine the ways in which men have been brainwashed over the generations it is usually the combination of dire circumstances and a lack of educated thinking.During Nazi Germany's rise, it was that after WWI the German economy was hamstrung and that the Great Depression was happening. If you look at Islamic Fundamentalism you see a complete lack of classic education, hence the Mullahs and the royal families can scapegoat external forces to explain the misery of the common man. In America today we see a declining quality of education amongst the people. We don't seek out underlying causes and motivations and we are easily lead by the powers and efforts of those who would keep us away from a thoughtful understanding of what is occurring.

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