Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mystical Service and the Chamber of Reflection

It has been said that when you serve others you are also serving yourself. That is true if you consider that in the effort to strengthen ones polarity towards service to others aka positive polarity, ones primary vehicle is that of selfless service. When each man in his mind privately considers his course, accomplishments and tenets of his life, he is bound to consider what he has done for others. One doesn't need to be a hermit on the mountain,, a great Maji, or some such. The simple understanding of the Law is that One should choose, ....serve others or serve self. And once the choice is made you move along that path to prove the metal. Does it sully the purity of the service if one has the motive of self improvement? Does it motivate action for the Seeker? In masonry we act in concert with our brothers, group action is more difficult than the action of the individual but can have exponentially good benefit.
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