Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Golden Section spiral of Gaian organic growth

Mankind, as we are one, could unify toward proper stewardship of our home, the Sub-Sub-Logos Earth. Like the nautilus shell, and golden spiral extending outward, consider our civilizations collective intent to spiral forth. Organic growth becomes self limiting at some point, have we reached the end? Are we unable to expand further in this age of consumption and limited resources? Reality is probability and many seers perceive disturbances, they are highly likely but we collectively could make a great change in that probable reality, this is unlikely but possible. The maya or aztec calendar times the birth of the new age at 2011. Can we veer away from that highly probable difficult fate? Regardless, it is said that the cycles or ages begin and end with the regularity of the clock. Still we must treat the earth Mother Gaia as we ourselves would like to be treated. Would you treat your Mother this way? One thing that should be noted, is that the new age is not a terrible doom, we shouldn't see it as such, because that which strikes fear in the hearts and minds of humanity must be skeptically observed. Negative sources have often confused the overall good message of seers in order to confuse and distort the truth by seeding perceptions of impending doom. If mankind finds a moral compass collectively the spiral of our organic growth will continue if not....time is short and the laborers few.

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