Saturday, June 21, 2008

Catalyst,karma and reincarnation... Beating the same drum

Western religions have been fighting against this most basic logic for thousands of years. If only the Zoroastrians and Eqyptians had traveled more to India, the ideas would have been reconciled long ago. However they are not, and so we ponder them now. Catalyst is the syllabus of lifes classroom.... the fully aware discarnate soul evaluates a life completed, sets some catalyst for directing learning in another. So simple and yet to keep ones eye on the difficult. During incarnation the weaknesses are revealed and harm/benefit is caused. Karma, the law of cause and effect, requires that each jot and tittle be reckoned. Examine those with with a life of difficult experience....what is the logic for that sufferring? If one considers the learning of difficult catalyst and the karma requiring balancing, it becomes orderly to the mind. The hoodwinked /veiled entity gets off course in life, naturally, because we come into incarnation without awareness of all this, as we are truly free to choose our path. So in another life, undealt with harm is balanced. This so called web of karma, and is perhaps the greatest challenge of the freewill plane, and yet the entity, as the first articifer, over the many lives, has a soul metal honed and strengthened by the forge of difficult catalyst, and importantly has developed faith, which requires that proof of Diety be unavailable. And forgiveness accelerates the learning too as through it the wheel of karma is stopped. No need to balance harm. This is the freewill quickening Plan of our Logos, the so called "choice density" The oversouls imperative is that the incarnate self work hard towards the chosen polarity/service. Reincarnation is so fundamental to a merciful and logical Plan of Diety that to consider otherwise vastly diminishes the order and beneficence of the Infinite Intelligence. The distortions in understanding are mitigated by the variable experience of many lives and to hone the souls metal requires exposure to repeated heat/shaping and removal of dross upon the anvil of the many-lives experience. Truth without proof.

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