Friday, July 17, 2009

The very noble and right fundamental law of the Stonemason

In the operative Masons Guilds the Companion (second degree of initiation) received at the end of his probation period his personal "mason's mark" or seal which remained for life his sign or password. He had to draw and "prove" it when questioned on his peregrinations to other lodges. In opposition to the " Fundamental " Design, known only to the achieved Master Builders, these masons' marks, which were not secret, except for the way of "proving " them, that is , placing them in their circle, do never show the pentagram, pentagon, or decagon, but obviously obey very carefully evolved gemometrical schemes. ( A point in the Circle, and which sits in the Square and in the Triangle, Do you know the point? Then all is right, Don't you know it? Then all is vain! ) This last from the Bauhutte ritual, and discribes competency of creating a pentalpha geometrically with square, rule and compasses, taken from Ghyka's The Geometry of Art and Life

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