Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bornholm, Gotland and the Hanseatic League

On the Island of Bornholm near Denmark in Scandinavia are found the Burgundian Templar Churches with a virtual study in sacred euclidian geometry in orientation. It also is home to northern europes largest medieval fortress Hammershus, built in 1200's as the launch point for Scandinavian crusades. Check out the book The Templars Secret Island by Haagensen and decide for yourself. At the very least the whole number system of measurement useful for our ancient brethren, at the back of the book is vital. The round churches are Templar design, very similar to the Newport Tower Rhode Island, and it is known that the island was named Burgunderland and is tied to the Templar story in France. Also found their was a cache of golden medallions with long haired kings depicted on them. Maybe you saw a bit of the History Channels "Holy Grail In America" film about the Kensington Rune stone. It leads to the book by Scott Wolter "The Hooked X". Supposing that a land quest party searching for a new foundation west of Vinland with an educated Gotland Cistercian monk, did get to the midwest of north america via the great lakes or the Hudson Bay. Edgar Cayce certainly suggests that Norrmen got all the way to Montana. These runes tell a tale and the author has well refuted all arguements against the Kensington Stones authenticity, at the very least. With Stone holes and the Sinclair voyage and the Newport Tower, with winter solstice alignment at the egg/keystone and Bornholm measurement system, your gonna enjoy it. One begins to see the logic of a Templar island strongholds in the Baltic Sea, between the Teutonic Knights and the empowered Hanseatic league out of Germany, at Bornhom and at Gotaland, whose standard by the way is a lamb bleeding into the Holy Graal. The tie between the Hanse associations and Masonry has been speculated upon and also the knights power to protect the rights of the craftsman within their strongholds. If the Hooked x is part of the Easter Table, secret dating table and we find it on Columbus sigla 80 years later. One has to consider that the Knights of Christ from Tomar would have the Gotaland Cistercian nordic mapping for their trip. Combine that with the Greek/Arabic/Jewish astolabes in the learned cartographer centers of Spain and Portugal, and you have fine potentials for navigation. Scott Wolter puts this together nicely, check out the Utube lecture Scott Wolter-1 through 7. No way a voyage with that much clout didn't have the best mapping. The whole new world exploration may have been promulgated because of the Cistercian connections in medieval Europe. So just like the secret/sacred geometry of Gothic architecture, from Gotaland, we have runes and triple dating using the secret easter tables, viking sagas and advanced astrolabes leading to the new world from Portugal and Spain, with the Knights of Christ, with templar masts, and Columbus sigla and reaching back further to the round templar structures at Newport with its Orphic Egg pointing to a New Jerusalem in good old Minnesota. The adaptation of Christianity was well along in Scandinavia by this time and no doubt the Charters of the Knights helped to sate the adventurous spirit of the Normen.

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